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A dual-carb or single carb A20 will, but those wouldn't be worth the trouble and would make it slower.


H22 with H22 transmission and all the goodies. You'll be going from a mechanical linkage to cable tranny on hydraulic clutch. Do a search, the swap has been documented in magazines so finding a parts list shouldn't be hard.

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An H23 would be a little easier to find at a fair price and be not quite the same performance but closer in vintage and a little less wiring with only going to an OBD1 system.

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Well, I think you're stuck then. There isn't going to be much info on trying to get your auto to properly work with the ecus of the newer h23 and h22. i wouldn't even know where to begin. for the most part auto transmissions need to be mated to similar generation engines for the ecu reason.

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ok well thank you all for your input. i guess its time to play and see what i can blow up lol.

i'll post up what we design and play with.

but will the h22 bolt to the trans i am running?

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