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Opinions ANYONE?


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I'm new to the Honda seen but loving it! previously owned nothing but keeps and old bugs but changed it up a lil and trying something new! I got a 98 civic with the d16z8 I had to get an auto cause the ole lady won't drive a 5 speed but I got a good deal on a rebuilt motor and trans with Megan's headers and exhaust and lowering springs, new radiator, thermo, tires, compressor and carbon fiber hood. so what are so other mods I can do since it is an automatic?

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Oh can she? :laugh:


Aside from launch I can smoothly drive my civic in cross-town commuter traffic without using the clutch with no grinds. Even if I were to miss a rev-match it still clicks into place with no audible feedback, just the click feel on the shifter. They really are quite smooth, even when brand new (92s-00s). Can't speak for newer ones though. If ever there was a machine to learn on these are it. I bought the wife's Sol in Miami, FL (I am in OH). We flew down and I taught her how to drive it in the dealer parking lot and we alternated driving straight through to home that same night.


All BS aside, megan header and exhaust aren't exactly the greatest brands but they are reasonable as far as 'budget' parts go. Just make sure you put a better flowing intake on it as well or the freer flowing exhaust parts will be strangled by the limited airflow from the intake.

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I have an Accord. Love Honda and the way their cars drive. Sounds like an awesome plan for handling the wife's driving concerns. If you need any help with either your civic or her new bug you should talk to my friend Andre. He's an expert mechanic and is the guy other mechanics go to for help when they can't handle a job. His website is http://andresauto.net

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