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Hello hondaforums.com,


I just bought a 2000 Honda Civic EX yesterday. This is my first Honda and I'm basically new to the car world. It has a stock d16y7, just a better air filter I guess. I'm having a little problem with the throttle. Sometimes when I go from a stop light it goes but most of the time it is really slow. Even when I'm flooring it, it will take awhile to kick in. It will start going faster around 3k-4k rpms. I checked the spark plugs and they are fine, all the fluids are good. The oil is a golden brown. Yesterday after driving it for about 30 minutes it would start to bog in and out when I barely touched the gas pedal. I put gas in it and it hasn't happened since but it has also only been one day and I haven't drove for more then 30 minutes. I will appreciate the help. I plan on taking pics when I can get the car cleaned. Thanks lots!

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Check your fuel and air filters, clean fresh fuel may help, try running a higher octane and giving it a good run to blow the cobwebs out! Also check the spark plug leads for fraying, and it might be your driving style? Just putting it flat to the floor from a standing start will give the engine too much fuel/air and it won't be able to do much with it till the revs build up, so try feeding the power on more gradually, may help!

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