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more power from 1.6 non vtec honda engine?


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hi, so basically im bored of my slow civic (who would have thought) and i need more power, basically im after cheap power, im considering doing a full strip of the interior to save some weight and maybe a bigger intake? all i have atm is an exhaust, its a 2000 model ek, any help would be great!

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Stripping the interior of every 'usual' removable item will save you possibly 75 pounds. It weighs less than you think. If you go all out and replace the factory seats with racing buckets and pull the dash and HVAC you might end up at around 150 pounds. All this effort will net you virtually no noticeable increase in speed but might give you 1 or 2 mpg increase.


An upgraded intake, header and a full exhaust, including high flow catalytic converter and increased diameter piping will give you a minor increase in performance at a cost of around $1000-$1500 for reasonable quality materials.

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yeah i had a 180sx (240sx in america) and had that stripped out and i really noticed the difference, but i was thinking about taking it a step further, such as removing the air con, sound deadening and anything else un important, but yeah ive bought a welder and im considering making a set of extractors and possibly making a larger inlet manifold... id prefer to at least try make some of this stuff as more of a learning curve than anything else, and worse case scenario then ill buy new parts.

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