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97 civic ex sohc vtec problem with clutch engagement

dan wayne 1.6

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So I changed the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder but throw the car in first gear with clutch fully bled and depressed and it just wants to go. I am at the point where I don't know whether or not to rip the tranny out and evaluate the clutch I am stumped and have never really worked on a car such as this an have never had this problem any ideas what it could be throw out bearing maybe etc.? I just bought the car an was not having any problems until about half way home from work last week I'm stumped ne help would be appreciated BTW I have tried adjusting the master cylinder shaft to the pedal from extremely short to extremely long an it did not make a difference at all.

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Yes I vacuum bled the entire system even down to one line at a time but I have had it checked by a mechanic an he said now that I have full pedal there shouldn't be any problems my reply to this was that I never lost my pedal just the fact the clutch will not engage the flywheel to shift. I cannot get it in to gear while the car is running cannot pull it out of gear while running but can freely put the car in to any gear with it not running before I rip out the motor to get at the clutch is there anything else I can do? I'm at my wits end. And apparently so is my clutch plate/throwout bearing.

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My friend told me most likely its the clutch plate and throwout bearing I'm going to hate myself an this car if its something else but either way I'm about to start the process of taking the motor out to evaluate the situation I will be damned to hand it over to a mechanic, as I have been one for a few years.

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