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99 Accord jerking when engine is cold/before warmed up


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I have a 99 Accord V6 Automatic that jerks for the first few minutes upon driving it.The Rpms flutter high and low when I give it a little gas and when braking the car jerks to stop.This only happens when the car is cold after its fully warmed it goes away after the first few minutes.So only when the engine is cold not warm??.I do warm up my car and Ive had a transmission flush and tune up about 3 months prior.Any ideas on what it could be?

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Fast Idle Thermo Valve (FITV), make sure you are getting air flowing through it when the motor is cold:

Remove the Air Intake Tube

Start motor

Use finger to cover FITV bypass

You should feel a slight vacuum and the engine should stagger or stall when you cover it. If you get no suction and no response, the FITV is not functioning. The Intake Air Control Valve (IACV) has a similar looking hole but keeps sucking air even after the car warms up.


Yes, this is a test you do with the car cold.

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