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95 accord ex sedan 5spd random loud clunking/vibrations


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Just bought a 95 honda accord yesterday to save gas. On the test drive (which consisted mostly of highway) the car drove perfect with no odd noises. When I was driving home, I noticed this loud clunking/ratteling noise when going over uneven road and slowing down (not necessarily while braking). I stopped and shook on all the wheels to see if any were loose and pulled on all the arms and everything felt solid. It doesnt happen all the time, just randomly going over hills while slowing down. Also, It did it going in reverse last night but not today. The prev owner said it was the exhaust rattling but I pushed and pulled on that too, and it did not move. Im at a lost for what it could be. Any comments would help. The car is a 1995 accord ex 2.2 5spd manual with 171000 on it. Thanks

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Possibly still is an exhaust rattle. If a hanger has broken free it wouldn't mean the entire exhaust is loose. Could also be the catalytic converter heat shield coming off. The top and bottom shield will rust and fall off at different intervals. The cat is usually still fine for a long time.

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Thanks for the reply. The more I hear it, it doesn't sound like the marble rolling in a paint can. It sounds more like rocks hitting the under carriage and i can almost feel it at my feet n shift knob. Its going into the shop wednesday unless i can have a chance to get under it and see if i can find anyhing. I know what heat shields sound like and I don't think it's that.

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