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Honda given up on the Enthusiast?


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Interesting thing I found looking at dealer websites in my area is not one of them has a manual transmission 2013 Accord. What gives. I remember the day when fifty percent of Accords on the lot had a manual tranny. Has Honda given up on the enthusiast who actually likes to drive their cars? Comments please.

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My info comes from a circulated column that appeared in my local paper. Click and Clack explained the choice between auto and manual is now preference and has nothing to do with fuel efficiency, performance, durability, nor reliability. Automatic transmission technology has come a long way.


So, next time you're at the dealership, check out the Fit with paddle shifters, or the Civic Si with 6-speed manual, or the TSX Type-S with a triptronic selector before saying there's nothing available for people who love to drive.

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