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Valve cover breather smoking bad!

Taylor Mullaney

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Bought a 1988 crx hf and while driving home it overheated quite bad i was in a construction zone with no shoulder so i drove about 2 miles with it smoking terribly about 1 mile with the car overheated only going about 30 mph though. I had it towed from there but once i got it home and started it up and fixed a few oil leaks it started smoking very bad from the valve cover breather/filter. It starts smoking instantly upon startup and stays consistant. smoke is white and exhaust is not smoking just the breather I was told to just put a hose back on and to put it back into my intake but I dont think that would fix anything.. what happened? it didnt smoke before I overheated it, it has a b18 block from a 91 integra and a b16 vtec head please help me out or let me know if i will have to have taken to the shop!!

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Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) means that any positive air pressure in the crankcase vents to an area of low pressure. This is where the check valve come into play. Looping it back to the intake puts it where it belongs.


Why your piston blow-by is smoky is another problem. Oil? Water? Do a compression test, check the coolant, read the spark plugs, these are things I would do to find out what's going on.

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