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2011 Pilot water leak?

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I have a 2011 Pilot and in the last few months when it rains hard I have had what appears to be water leaking into the driver floorboard. This has only happened 3-4 times, but when it does it is shortly followed by the emergency brake lights coming on inside the vehicle or the turn signals and flashers coming on and staying on even when turned to off. The water is dumping down onto my feet on the left side when I turn the car to the right after being started when the brake pedal is depressed. I have had it at the dealership and they do not know what is going on. They have checked the drains, HVAC, etc and can't find the problem. The only option they have at this point is to take the front end off and check the body seam seals, which is not covered under warrenty since the car has 40K miles now. Has anyone had experiences like this or know of anything else I can try or do before having this done?

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I've had similar scenarios on other vehicles where the seal along the bottom of the windshield has failed or the cowl flashing isn't properly seated.


This may be a substantial structural and electrical issue waiting to happen. Even with it out of warranty I would press the issue to Honda Customer Relations (the corporate office). A 40k, 2year old car shouldn't be pouring water into the cabin through the electrical system. That's just unacceptable. The dealership is at the mercy of their warranty authorization and have to play exactly by the rules or Honda doesn't pay them for their work. Don't fault them too much for declining to fix it for free. What the HCR can do for you (if they agree to) is issue an exception to the dealership which will reimburse them for their labor and you can get your car fixed.

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