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1994 Accord EX engine "flutter" at 2k RPM


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Ok so when I bought my CD7 about three months ago it ran incredibly choppy, idle would stay at around 2k and would fall to about 1k, then jump back up, and then fall. I replaced all the vacuum lines and added some other parts and it seemed to relatively go away unless engine was completely cold.


This is my issue....


When I accelerate, the car runs perfect. When I keep the car at a constant speed, and the RPM is around 2k (this is when it is most relevant) the engine, and what I can hear from the exhaust flutters and when I accelerate from this "flutter" stage it seems starved of power.


I can take a video showing whats wrong if anyone needs one, just curious to see if I'm a loner on this topic... Please help!

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If you are hearing a "buzz/vibration" sound between 1,800 and 2,000 RPM with the car at a constant speed and under slight load (i.e. going up a slight hill) then the cause is the doughnut gasket's in the A-pipe of the exhaust (the short pipe at the front of the car). Replace the exhaust gaskets and spring bolts on the A-pipe and the vibration should go away.


If the engine is "fluttering" at constant speed then I would start by doing the diagnostic's for the EGR system. It could be vacuum, could be bad EGR valve, solenoid, clogged EGR ports etc. It is always a good idea to manually clean the EGR ports every 100K and on these cars they are pretty easy...


There are variuos other causes but without the car throwing a code this is where I would start. Cleaning the ports is essentially a maintenance item anyway.


I hope this gets you started.

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