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91 Accord EX bogs down when accelerating


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I have a Accord EX with automatic transmission. It starts fine, idles fine, and generally runs great. After a cold start and several minutes of driving, it starts to sputter. If the accelerator is pressed, it feels like it is bogging down. The more the accelerator is pressed, the more it bogs down. I have found two things that will stop it from bogging. One is to put it in neutral, turn the ignition off for a few seconds, and restart the car, all while going down the road. It may take several times doing this to make it stop. The second thing is to accelerate, in second gearI until the RPMs reach 5500 before it shifts to third. Usually, this will stop the problem before it happens. When it is doing this, if you sort of pump the accelerator, the engine immediately straightens out and accelerates perfectly, but will return to the bogging. Once one of these methods have temporarily fixed the problem, the car runs perfectly, until it cools down. Usually, the car has to sit overnight before the problem happens again.

I have had it looked at, but no one has found the cause. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this annoying problem?

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Check the resistance across your ignition coil with a reliable multimeter capable of 0.02-Ohm resolution. If the coils are even just slightly out spec they can produce a weak spark as the ignition coil warms up and internal resistance rises. It doesn't take long for the wires to cool, which could explain why the problem comes and goes as you described.

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