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2005 Accord periodically has trouble starting


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Yesterday after about a 45 minute highway drive I made a quick stop at the bank. I got there shut my car off for no more than 5 minutes. When I attempted to start it, it wouldn't turn over unless I pumped the gas pedal. Even after I got it started it wouldn't remain running unless I kept the motor at 1000 rpm. Even then Every time I took my foot off the gas the rpm would drop below 500 and the engine shut down. I finally got home by keeping my foot on the gas and dropping the car into neutral at stops, it finally maintained the idol of about 750rpm after about 3 miles of driving. This happens to me a couple of times per month, does any one have an idea of what the problem could be? Thanks I really appreciate the help!

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It sounds like it could be a problem with IACV, Idle Air Control Valve. This little guy controls your cars base engine speed. Where exactly it is on your exact car I cannot say, but it will be attached to the throttle body or the intake manifold. Often there is buildup inside which causes incorrect readings. Failing that your EGR is a next step.

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