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How often to change transmission oil


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How often do I have to change my transmission oil on an automatic 2001 Honda Accord? I have gotten mix reviews and I just recently replaced my transmission. A mechanic said don't change out the fluid because the deposit left by the gears help the transmission and another mechanic said every 10,000 miles which one is true?







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It's a sealed, maintenance free transmission. You only mess with it when you have a problem. Really. Take notice that there is no dip-stick. The fill and drain openings have one time use crush-washers on them. You are only supposed to open it when the transmission is having a problem. That being said, some people would opt to have a preventative trans service every 100k or so miles. On almost all Honda's this involves drain, refill, drive 5-10 miles and repeat two or three additional times depending on how bad the original fluid looked. You never 'flush' a Honda transmission.

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