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I have an automatic 2005 honda civic vp. i've taken in to the shop already. this will be my 2nd time that im taking it in and im really pissed about it. so this is what's going on.


when im at an idle position, my car will randomly overheat. this doesnt happen all the time im at an idle. it doesnt happen when im just uphill either. when it originally first did it, it wouldnt be til a few weeks later that it would overheat at idle again. when id drive, it would cool down again and wouldnt do it for a while. this is when i FIRST took my car in. they looked at it and didnt find any problems with the car at all.


after getting my car back, it overheated again, but this time, it was more frequent but would always cool right back down when i'd drive off at normal speed. it wasnt until one time that it didnt cool down. it stayed hot even after driving off. i pulled over and noticed what looked like a coolant leak coming from under the car. i could smell it as well. good thing i was close to home. i took it and parked it and didnt drive it since. i had it towed to get looked at again by the same shop. they said they drove it and left it at idle and it didnt heat up. AGAIN, they're stating that theres nothing wrong with it. i FINALLY got my car back yesterday. as soon as i drive it to work, it starts to heat up this morning! as i drove off, it cooled down again. when i got to work, i looked under the car, and yet again, COOLANT! i dont understand what's going on and why they're not seeing anything wrong with the car. they said they checked the fans, and everything is fine. i KNOW there's something wrong with the car. im not a genius at this stuff, but ive had my share of car problems before and i know this isnt normal.


another thing, my car doesnt blow hot when i turn on the heater at idle. the AC also doesnt blow very cool at idle either. it isnt until i run my car at a steady speed that both temperatures kick in the way they're supposed do.


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME ON WHAT MIGHT BE GOING ON??!!! i dont know much about cars so if you can use simple terms that i can understand so i can tell these a**holes at the repair shop how to do their job!


Thanks :)

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Simple terms won't help someone at the shop do their job.


Your fans aren't doing their job and/or there is a problem with the water pump and/or there is a problem with the air mix door and/or there is a problem with the water valve.


As diverse a group of components as those sound, they are all slightly related. I.e. the water valve can open but of there is no or low coolant flow then the heater core temp will fail to rise.


You should probably seek a second opinion (from another shop) given you admittedly lack the means of conducting a diagnosis yourself.

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