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Diagnostic fee of 750.00

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I'm at the end of my lease and I'm purchasing my vehicle and looking to finance thru Honda and the dealership not Honda finance wants to charge me a $750.00 "safety/diagnostic" fee saying that the Honda Dealership has to buy the car from Honda finance and then resell it to me, so inturn before the Dealer can resell it to me they have to run this check...I don't mind paying if necessary but 750 that is a lot of money for no engine light or anything, My Honda is a 2009 civic. Does this sound correct and does a diagnostic check have to be done at all

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This would be much easier to understand with sentences with periods.


So, you want to buy the leased vehicle and the dealership has to 'buy' it from Honda finance and Honda finance wants to charge you $750 for some random inspection fee as a thank you for your business? This is likely due to a presumed loss of income from not being able to sell the vehicle on the used car lot. If you want this car you are likely stuck with the fee.

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