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Need help with Vtec p2646 and High Beams!

John Scheda

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Okay, I know everyone's going to start to yell about the p2646, but I've been over a dozen different forums and done everything in all of them, and nothing has worked so far. Please be patient.


Here's what I've done; Checked the Vtec solenoid, by that I mean taken it off the block, cleaned it, took off the pressure sensor and used a compressor attachment and voltmeter to check for resistance changes, and it is working, took the solenoid itself off and triggered it with 12v, and that is working as well. Tried resetting the ECU, however the light came back on. Changed the oil and filter, with the correct 5w20 oil. The light still persists.


Now for the second part of this: The high beams are on in both the normal lights and high beam positions. There is a sound like a snapping/arcing/shock noise coming from underneath the hood every now and then.


I think the problems are related, maybe a loose connection or a grounding problem, but I could be wrong. Is there a connector that contains both of these things, or in the same portion of the harness?


Any help would be very much appreciated, and I can't get the CEL off to save my life. Thanks!

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