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1991 honda accord stalls out while im driving need help!!


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i own a 1991 honda accord. for the past few weeks the battery light will just flicker once at a time while im driving. i took the car to auto zone to get a diagnostic check for the battery and everything came out fine. nothing was wrong with it. recently while driving dpwn the road for anout 15 minutes my car just cuts off in the middle of the road. the battery engine and oil light and the "s" light i believe will come on and the steering wheel will lock up when the car cuts off. the first time this happened it started the first time i tryed it. after that it takes about 5 minutes for it to start back up. i have taken to a honda mechanic but they said they could not duplicate the problem. the car only acts up when im driving it its perfectly fine when its idle so the mechanic could not find the problem.

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I wouldn't have typed it otherwise. I like hearing myself talk but you asked a question and I gave you an honest answer. It likely isn't the right answer but checking your terminals and ground connections is a free and quick first step before spending any money. A loose ground connector can short your entire electrical system.

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Is is your ignition switch problem. We have the same problem for our 99 accord. While driving, suddendly all turn off. Retarted the car and drive again! Just change the witch cable. Ignition witch is an electrical witch cable behind the ignition. You may buy it from ebay USA. It is way easier to find this part in U.S. than in here Canada. Look at the part and you may do it your self. Good luck!

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