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02 honda accord starts but shuts off immediately


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ok i am new and this is my first post and i really need help


i have a 2002 honda accord my car would crank and start but it will die immediately as soon as i start it. the rpm needle don't even have a chance to idle. here how it start i stop a store to get something and i came back out and i got in my car it start fine but when i put the car in reverse the car had die. so i put it back in park and it still started normally so later on that day i had a new alarm installed in my car. and the alarm does have kill switch in it. when they got done with my car it still worked fine. so later on the same day i had to get on the highway so i kinda floored the pedal to get the right speed it started to accelerate but all of the sudden it quit accelerating and it kinda felt like a hard engine brake cause i had leaned forward. i thought that the car had missed a gear on the transmission (automatic) i just replace the transmission not to long ago. but the car didn't shut off so i just ease off on the gas and it was driving fine. also i can feel my car kinda jolt a little while i'm driving sometimes its been doing this for a while before this day. anyways so i'm almost home and i seen my rpm going crazy than all off the sudden the car die out while i was driving and i rolled onto the grass. i thought i had lost all my oil cause my car did have a little old leak somewhere on the pan and tire kingdom ask $1,150 just to fix a leak saying that they going to have to change the timing belt blah blah. i couldn't afford that anytime soon so i'll just put in new oil when it needs it. so i put in new oil thinking that will fix it but it didn't. i unplug the alarm still didn't work. i had to leave the car there cause it was like 1:00 am and it hard to get a tow truck around that time. luckily i had installed that alarm cause the police came to my house and said someone broke in my car but steal anything cause of the alarm. well all this happen in less than 24 hours and now my car still wont start and i got a broken window. anyway i can hear the fuel pump turn on and i unplugged it to see what will happen the car will just crank not start but when its plugged in the car will start but shuts off immediately. what is the problem?


i know its not the battery or the alternator cause both those are less than 3 months old and i have 2 batteries and they are reading 12.7 volts

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