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Quote from dealer $11,000 What should I do?

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My 2005 Odyssey 60,000 mile is make some noise when accelerating. I took it to the dealer thinking it may be the muffler.

(noise make the car sound more like my Acura TL, the noise is not very loud)


Dealer called back in an hour said:


"Noise is from the engine (lower part POSS Engine Main bearing)" "Recommended engine ASSY (LONG BLOCK) "

ESTIMATE $10,950


I am kind of speechless. What kind of driving cause a $11k dmg. I always change Oil and do the maintenance from the dealer on time. This seem strange to me a 7 year old Honda would cost this much to fix. Is the dealer crazy? Or an engine block does go bad around 7 years and cost this much to fix?




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Hell with that. Call Honda Customer Relations and raise hell (very politely) about your 60,000 mile Odyssey having terminal engine failure. To make this case you will need fairly detailed documentation on the service history for the vehicle.


At one time I was considering installing a similar generation engine in my Civic. From doing that research I know that a used engine from a salvage yard typically runs $750-1500 for this vehicle. If you need to pay out of pocket for this the dealership is the last place I would have the work done.

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Thank you everyone for the Advice, I took the car to an independent shop. They told me the problem is not the Engine. "It's the Motor Mounts, the rubber is gone" It cost around $1,500 to replace the mounts." I don't know what to say, the Honda dealer are either incompetent or they are scammer.


I have lost faith in this dealership. I can’t believe Dealer is recommending customer to replace Long Block Engine ($11,000) for a Motor Mount problems ($1500). Wife also told me when she was picking up the car, The service advertiser told her “If you don’t replace the engine. It might BLOW UP”


I call Hobda Corp office. Honda corp said they have opened a case. What can Honda America do? Can they fine the dealer for scamming Honda owner?



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Well if it is indeed the motor mounts, $1500 seems to be rather steep as well. The mounts themselves run between $75-90 bucks a piece, so they are quoting you over 12 hours of work to replace those, seems a bit much.

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On that van they would have had to pull the motor to do them. The rears are up under the dash and largely inaccessible. $1500 does seem high but I would have guessed 10 hours of billed labor and OEM mounts with markup would make the difference up.


Not sure what HoA would do for you, but anything helps. Even if it doesn't help you directly at least the next person that they would tell incorrectly might be saved from this mess happening to them. Glad you called. Nothing changes unless people speak out about their negative experiences.

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Just a quick fyi usually the transmission on the Honda Odyssey goes out before the motor around the 75,000 mile mark if your lucky that transmission will go till 120,000 miles but the motor will go forever. I know because I have had numerous Odyssey's come into the shop with transmission problems.




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