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Can't start 1991 Honda Si - manual gearbox


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I have a start problem!

The car is a 1991 Honda CRX Si (manual gearbox).

When I turn the key on the main relay “chatters’, (the engine light is on and the ECU led is lit), the fuel pump is running and I have spark. (apparently the injectors are also “chattering”) Car fires once and is unable to run. The next couple of attempts, merely turns the engine over. If I unplug the injectors the chatter stops. It also appears while the injectors are plugged in (key on) they all have current (while “chattering”).

I tried a different resistor pack (which also test out correctly) and a different ECU all to no avail. I tend to think it is the main relay.

I have disconnected all engine sensors and no effect on the chattering. (I have had the engine out and am now looking for the ground to the ECU. (but would this cause the main relay to chatter) (Oh, I did check out the main relay via the Honda manual and it seems to check out fine) (also the fuel pump seems to be ok)


I truly would appreciate the help.

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