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I scanned real quick, and couldn't find anything posted including all of my issues. My wife's 2001 Accord has got some gremlins under the hood. The AC is intermittent. When it kicks off the TCS and ABS light come on, and the cooling fan and condenser fan kick off then the car wants to overheat if idling. Any ideas on where to start???? Please help, she wants a new car, but this thing runs great otherwise...Thanx in advance.

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If all the things that turn off eventually start working again it isn't a fuse issue. You might have a short. Honda's are touchy on the battery connection so you need to dig around under the hood and make sure all the cables are seating correctly. While you are under there inspect for potential damaged or frayed wiring in relation to the AC. It might be pretty simple and prove me wrong, but usually this sort of thing is a gremlin and will take a shade-tree mech a while to figure out.

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