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Green "S" light on dash is flashing


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I have a 1991 Accord I purchased new, now with 76,000 miles and has be utterly trouble free until today.. I drove it a couple of miles to the barber shop, returned home and wife drove it maybe a mile to the dentist for supplies, and came immediately back home because the "S" green light on the dash was flashing. This is the same light that stays on when the tranny is put in Sport Mode.


According to the owners manual when this light is flashing it indicates a malfunction in the transmission and should be checked out immediately. By late this evening after setting in the garage for 6 hours the light is not flashing, haven't driven it again so don't know if this is any indication of an intermittent problem or will start flashing after driving again.


Has anyone else had this problem and if so what was the problem and the fix?

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The initial fix for all transmission problems is to have it serviced. New fluids and such. There is no filter on your transmission, you don't have it flushed. The fluid is drained, refilled, run for a couple miles and repeated a total of three times (if the mechanic knows how to work on a Honda, that is) 76,000 isn't a lot of miles but that car sure has a lot of years on that fluid if you haven't done it before.


As a side note: your wife drove the car to the dentist for supplies? What kind of sick couple are you? :laugh:

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What a sarcastic remark, "as a side note".. I thought this would be a friendly Forum in which to obtain information on our Honda. Just to make things clear the wife uses a special whitening liquid to keep her teeth bright and white, and also a special tooth paste by prescription to strengthen the enamel on her teeth which is obtainable only by prescription at our dentist. Figured "Supplies" would cover that and eliminate a long explanation. All other prescriptions are filled at Wal Mart whenever necessary.


The fluid in the transmission was changed 4 years ago and has been driven less than 3,000 miles in that time. Found out today the transmission has to be warmed up before the "S" light starts flashing and at that time only 2nd and 3rd gears are used by the tranny. It won't start off in 1st gear and will use whatever gear the shift lever is set on, excluding 4th gear which it won't even go into out on the highway. When starting out with the lever in 2nd then shifting to 3rd gear, that all works fine. It just won't start moving in 1st gear and won't ever shift into 4th gear even with the lever in the 4th position. We've owned this Honda since new and never had a moments trouble with it. Guess things are catching up with us now.

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As a primary note: I am being friendly. I am doling out free advice on an automotive problem you are having in my spare personal time. If you are offended by sarcastic humor then any internet forum is not a good place to hang out. If you do not wish to read any more of my interpretations of your personal life you either need to stop posting them or go directly to a transmission service shop and stop reading my rambling.


All the problems you are noting can be attributed to low/bad fluid in the transmission. It could be other problems, but start there since it is the cheapest place to start.

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