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to repair or mourn?


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Have 95 Accord. Given to me by dad when he quit driving. Has less than 140k miles.

Just had oil and trans fluid changed. (Honda Mechanic) Hear noise in front wheel asked them to check it over. Note from mechanic says:

(1) drive belts cracked (asked me about history of timing belt - my dad said he changed timing belt before he gave it to me at about 38k miles) $560.00

(2) front CV boots torn and dry rec both axles $540.00

(3) p/steering rack bellows torn open $244.00

(4) needs front brake pads and rotors below specs $540.00

(5) engine air filter element is dirty $22.00

(6) has multiple oil leaks. Car has less than 140k miles.


Might be looking at about $2,000 in repairs. What would other Honda owners do?

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Most of that stuff can be replaced by yourself to save yourself some major money. I just did my timing belt, water pump and alternator belt, Just got the parts and did myself for first time ever. That right there saved me atleast 400 bucks or so just doing it myself. On the axle shafts you can get a remanufactured axle around 80-120 at your local carquest or napa or autozone or oreilly aftermarket stores and those arent to bad to replace. Front pads and rotors are very easy to replace and id say you should beable to get both rotors and pads for anywhere around 100 to 150 depending on what brand you get and can do those yourself within an hour or so. Depending on what oil leaks you have, like oil pan lets say, would be an easy fix for yourself.

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I haven't done any real work on a car since I took auto shop in HS in 1970. My husband hates to work on cars. My 19 yr old son likes to, but he already has 2 trucks and works with his dad (they own a resale business) 7 days a week.

Just throwing stuff out here, . . . if I am completely up front and show what mechanic wrote, how much am I likely to get as a trade in or if I sold it to some one who works on their own vehicles?

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Male or female does not matter. You are perfectly capable of fixing this vehicle if you choose to. Air powered tools, anti-sieze lubricants and torque enhancing wrenches and ratchets means almost anyone of any physical stature can repair a car. Work smarter, not harder.


Given the list of problems I wouldn't hope for more then $1000, maybe $1500 retail for your car. As a trade in the value is probably closer to $400-$500 (they will likely tell you more because the extra they give you for it is written off of the inflated price you pay on the new(er) car in the guise of various fees and such)


As an owner of a 95 Honda Civic I know exactly where you are coming from. I knew virtually nothing when I bought it and owned almost no tools. If you have the time, a place to work on it, the desire to learn something about cars and get your hands dirty then jump in. Every part you listed can be bought for around 500-600 or so. I realize some people don't have the desire which is fine, just don't talk yourself out of doing it because you think you can not do the work.

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Definately agree with xeryon, anyone is capable of doing it if put the effort or desire to want to fix it. I recently had to replace timing belt and water pump and alt belt while I was there. Never done one before. Got a little bit of advice from some people and also got on you tube and watch a few how to videos and I cant complain with how good of a job I did. Yes it may take longer to get done then to have a prefessional do it. But you gain confidence that you fixed something and not paying out the azz just to get the car running again

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Well those are normal maintenance items, and though it is expensive if you are willing to spread the maintenance out a few weeks/months then you will probably have a nicely running car for a long time to come. I would do the axles and timing belt first. If both boots are cracked open and dry the axles will fail soon and that won't be fun. If the timing belt breaks you can throw that engine away. So they are a priority.


Unless you live in the mountains or do a lot of racing then the brakes can wait a month or two.


Powersteering boot is the last priority along with the air filter. You could do the air filter yourself it is very easy.


That's my two cents. Some things aren't to hard with the right tools. For instance the pads and rotors aren't to hard to do and you might be able to con a friend into helping you with the work or doing it.

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