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Honda Accord 2012 SE


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Hello, I just bought a new Accord 2012 SE here in Toronto, Canada. The car has nice features such as power seats and Bluetooth and rides smooth but after a week of driving it I am beginning to think I should have gone for a higher trim since the SE model lacks features like a trip computer and outside temperature gauge that I am really used to enjoying on my other car. Also I did not do much research before buying the car, just walked into a dealership and loved the looks and made an offer, but now I am reading reviews of the car having road noise and I am getting worried my car may start having these problems, do you guys think I should just go back and trade it in for an EX-L considering 2-3K loss?


P.S. the performance is really poor on gas mileage

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Almost all new Honda's have bad fuel mileage. Everyone wanted looks and comfort over affordability. For that reason I will not own one newer then a 2000. If I want a newer car Honda is not the brand for me.


It's your money. If you want bells and whistles turn it back in. For me the less electronics the better. Less things to break when it's out of warranty.

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Not really, it is giving really low gas mileage, and what's worse is the cabin noise when driving in Highway, it drives you crazy, My 01 corolla is better than this, I am so regretful I bought this piece of crap I am never ever buying Honda again. I just hope something happens 2 the car like it gets totaled or something coz I hate it and I hate myself for buying it.

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