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I have a 97 honda civic dx hatch. I have an 02 sensor in my exhaust manifold and also have an 02 sensor after the cat. The header that I received has the 02 sensor spot where after the cat would be. I dont have a hole for the one up towards the head. What do I need to do to not have an 02 sensor code for not having a spot for the first 02 sensor?? please help

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Well the crazy thing is, that I was looking at where the after cat o2 sensor was leading cuz the previous guy had it going in front of radiator for some reason, so i pulled on the wire and came right out and wasnt even hooked up to anything. so now im wondering if it even needs to be hooked up. I dont have any engine codes. I may just buy a header that has the 2 o2 sensor spots just in case i need the second one plugged in

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