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I changed my first timing belt, water pump and new alternator belt for the first time over the weekend. Friday I started tearing it apart, then went to eddyville and watched the drag races. Woke up first thing saturday morning and finished it. The only tricky part was aligning up the bottom cam gear and have it not move when pulling belt over the cam. Id say it took a total time of 4 or 5 hours at my house garage. Id say I did a pretty good job as the car is still running.

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Lucky u I changed my alternator went great change my water pump not so great...I tried aligning It 3 times it started good the first time sounded good...but it would lagg...2time wouldn't even start...3rd time stared good rpm goes up n down laggs a very tiny bit less but still laggs...I'm just going to change the ECU before I keep fkn wit it...lol

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I did I aligned it pretty good I would take a pic of I but it put together rigt now I just finished taking of the carpet... I'm thinking it might also be the returning spring from the throttle and or the wire, might be loose or worn out. And like I mentioned before the last time I adjusted the t-belt the rpm goes up and down and the motor shakes..

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