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98 Horn Help

Tim Baker

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Thanks for any help regarding the following:


The horn on my wife's 98 accord suddenly gave out. I connected 12v directly to the horns and they still work. I also replaced the horn relay but that did not fix the problem.

I suspect the problem is in the steering wheel (perhaps the contact and hopefully not the wiring itself). Can anyone please advise on how to safely remove the airbag, steering wheel and then clockspring? Pictures would be much appreciated.

I would also appreciate specific directions to check for voltage and continuity safely to determine where the problem may be.

Also, the owner's manual does not mention anything for a horn fuse and I could not find one on any of the 3 fuse panels. The Chilton/Haynes manual says the horn is hot wired to a 20amp fuse. Is there a fuse?

Sorry for the lengthy plea, but I drive a crappy Jetta but at least know my way around that car. Thanks again.

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I would definitely suggest removing the leads from the battery before starting any maintenance. The Accord horn fuse is also tied into the stopping taillights on these Accords, so check that fuse (which should be listed in the owners manual)


There is a small opening on the bottom of the steering wheel open it up and unclip the plug, this is the main connection to the airbag. Then remove the small cover to the cruise control (if your model has cruise) and remove the screw from both sides of the wheel, then the airbag should lift out. Then LOOSEN DO NOT REMOVE the bolt to the steering wheel that is threaded into the steering column, the wheel will take a little bit of jerking to get out (I usually hit the top, bottom, and sides of the wheel to knock it loose) and it should pop out without breaking your nose. Remove the bolt completely, unhook the positive wire to the horn towards the top of the wheel, and the cruise control (if your model has cruise) ribbon cable, then remove the lower half of the dash panel (there should be a small container towards the right of the steering column for reference of panel). Unplug the clockspring from the SRS harness, and remove the three screw holding it onto the steering column. Then to install the new one do everything in reverse! Thats basically what I did about a week ago.

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