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2012 Accord SE Maintenance


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Fairly new Honda owner (first one actually). Apologies in advance as I suspect this has been asked before but here goes nothing.


So I bought this thing back in February and just hit 7500 miles and figured I would call the dealer and get the oil changed and tires rotated for the first time.


The guy is a know it all right off the bat and insists that I under no circumstances should do anything until the maintenance minder tells me to.


Okay I said and hung up.


Is it seriously the correct thing to not even entertain an oil change or tire rotation until the maintenance minder gives me the proper codes to do it (so far it's giving me nothing, oil life is 30%).


What's the typical interval for doing these? I trust that the maintenance minder correct and has my back and all that but I'm curious more or less.

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Too many variables: driving habits, your environment, the oil type for me (as a random guy on the internet) to correctly answer that question for you.


Crack open the users manual and there should be a nice grid laying out all of the recommended service intervals. Provided you are using exactly the fluids that Honda is telling you to use the interval is longer then you would expect. Newer cars are nothing like the 70's and 80's where waiting till 3k to change your oil was taking your cars life for granted.

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