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95 Honda Civic LX turns off while driving

B Ward

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First a little info about my car. 1995 Civic LX Sedan, approximately 230K miles, never had any major problems with it before. Some minor upgrades: Full exhaust 4-2-1 catback, short intake, new fuel injectors, performance chip and that's about it. Haven't messed with the engine or electrical system. About 2 weeks ago I was driving on the expressway and my car decided to cut off. No battery light, no check engine, half tank of gas. I pulled to the side of the road. Turn the key, kicks but won't turn over and doesn't sound like the engine is even firing( you know like the sound of trying to start a car with no gas). I listened for the fuel pump and I can hear it winding up so I don't think it's that. I thought maybe it was the ignition coil. Took of the distributor cap. I know that in order to get to the screw to remove the rotor you have to cycle the engine. Did that. It appeared that the rotor did not rotate. Not sure what I should test, check or replace. Any ideas?

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Timing belt. If you turn it and the distributor isn't turning you most likely broke it. The more you try to turn it over the more you are mashing the hell out of those poor valves that were stuck in the open position.

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i have a 94 civic ex 1.6 vtec

and my car recently is doing the same thing as your car is.

after it shuts off i let it sit for a couple of minutes and then it will fire back up.

and after it fires back up the problem doesnt do it again till it cools back down.

i have no idea what it is or what to replace.

so i checked around and someone said it could be the main relay?

so i guess ima replace that part and see what happens.

if anyone knows what could be going on.please repost or if the person who posted this figures out the problem

please please reply asap ha


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