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hey guys just wanted to stop in and say hey im new. just bought a 97 honda civic hatchback dx yesturday, dark blue in color, 5spd. guy i bought it from has swapped the motor to a d15b, i found the stamp on the block to be sure.


is this a decent motor? better then what was stock?


i am currently at work but once i get off and get a fresh car wash, i will get some pics posted for you guys.

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Less caps, more grammar.


The d15b is a rough equivalent to the stock engine that came in the EX model in that model run. Around 130hp and 120tq or so. Basically, he made that car what Honda should have offered as a trim line to begin with.

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It seems like the bottom end lags. I go to start off and it seems to pick up speed real slow untill I get about to 3500 to 4000rpms. Im kind of curious to wonder if it even has the right ecu in it. Doesnt seem like the vtec hits at all

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I just drive them the way they come unless something blows up. No reason to spend absurd amounts of money on a car that just takes me from home to work and back again.


That doesn't mean you can't make that d15b fun for only a little money though. We have a guy floating around on here that has a couple N/A d16's he has worked over that ended up in the 160+ hp range. Right there with a b16 and he spent a fraction of the cost of swapping the motor out.

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well that sucks.. sry to hear..


also if you wanted to go B series i will always tell people B18C1.. thats what i have had in my del sol since 2009 and i love it.. its nowhere near stock anymore but thats what happens lol..

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