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Transmisson Problem after changing brakes??


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My goal last night was to replace the upper control arm, brakes, and rotors. So I did. I put the front wheels back on and decided to test my brakes while it was still on the stands and suspended in the air.


I started it up and put the car in drive and I heard a single click. My buddies and I thought that was wierd. I put it in park and did it again. Same thing, a single click when I put it in drive. After a few seconds, a loud sound came from the transmission like marbles in my transmission! I quickly turned off my engine.


I turned it back on. Its totally fine in park. But when in drive there is a loud marble sound from the tranny.


I was like WTF did my transmission go??? Was it because it was suspended in the air? Is it anything I did??


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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I'm guessing you did not remove the axle nuts and relieve tension on the axles (you shouldn't need to if you are careful). When you disconnected your control arms you pulled too hard on the axles. You either pulled the shaft part way out of the transmission or you pulled the CV joints apart.


Where the shaft meets the transmission there should be minimal gap. Usually just enough to fit a flat screwdriver into (so you can help pop them out without damaging the cv joints) If you pulled the cv apart good luck. I was able to massage one back together once, another time I could not. You could look for a rebuild kit and take it apart and repair it but usually it's just as easy to replace them. To replace they run around $100 a side if I recall correctly.

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I thought that was the case. So I took out the cv axle to find out if I could still hear that noise and I still did. Whatever that noise is, it is not axle related because I took them both out.


After I did that, I was stunned... what could be the problem?


Is it just coincidence that my transmission went while I was working on the car?

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I can say having the car in the air didn't damage anything. However, its worth mentioning that when the car is in the air the redline is much lower, just as when revving the motor in neutral.


True. I never thought about it that way. Maybe it was bound to go, and I just hit it over the edge...

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