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sudden unexpected rapid acceleration with 2001 Accord V6


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Car accelerated rapidly in traffic; foot entirely off gas pedal, and had to turn key off to keep from having wreck. Had car towed home. Started today at 12 to 1400 rpm and dropped to 900 when R or D engaged with AC off. Oiled throttle body parts and determined that throttle cable isn't breaking up and sticking. Idle then dropped to 550 steady RPM. Turned on AC and engine RPM cycled between 600 and 1200 (AC clutch was engaging/disengaging repeatedly). Suddenly, with foot off gas pedal, car screeched tires; I stood on brake and turned off key. I wander if defective AutoCruise, having been set for highway speed could activate and cause this? I later pressed "Cancel" on AutoCruise, but I don't know if that could be problem. If I start it now idle speed is about 450RPM and turning on AC causes clutch cycling; however, if I leave AC on and engage R or D then AC stays engaged and idle is 500 steady. It seems to be working fine, but problem is infrequent and very dangerous. It is my granddaughters car and so I don't want to take any chances. Seems to run fine, so don't think most garages would help. Any suggestions PLEASE, or what is best way to install a kill switch to keep from locking steering if it should happen again.

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Well, a work around is to remove the lock ring from the ignition. Mine is gone in my civic and the steering wheel doesn't lock when the car is off. Another work around is if you suspect the cruise might be the source to pull the fuses for the cruise control system.


Honestly, most car companies go great lengths to review such safety issues. None of them want the car itself to be the cause of accidents. You might want to give a polite call to Honda Customer Service and ask them what they would recommend on how you proceed. I bet that they sign off on a free diagnostic and inspection for you at your nearest dealership.

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I cannot entirely speak for the Accord, but on mine when I disassembled the lower steering column covers it gives you access to the back of the key assembly. Taking the screws out of the assembly I was able to remove the lock ring that kept the steering wheel locked without a key being inserted.


This came about as I bought the car as a repo salvage and had no key. By doing this I was able to put a screw driver directly to the ignition module to start the car and the steering wheel was unlocked.


The white part is the ignition module, there is a slot in it that rotates that mates to the silver post in the housing just to the right. On mine there was a lock ring inside that silver housing that once removed allowed the steering wheel to rotate even even with the engine off and a key not inserted.




For the record, let it be known that 92-95 civics are not very secure cars. Having never done this before and only having 1 screwdriver with 4 bits I was able to get this apart and start the car in under 15 minutes. Knowing how to do it now I could have it accomplished with no damage in under 5. :unsure:

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thanks for the good information and the very helpful picture. Turned out the steering did not lock when the ignition is turned off but only when the key is turned to remove; I assumed (OK, I deserve the old saying) it was like some earlier cars I had. I think the cable housing being broken at the Auto Cruise let that cable housing ride out when that bellcrank followed the gas pedal cable bellcrank and then, when the gas pedal was let up, the Cruise Control cable housing snagged on the edge of the hole where it would have stayed down in were it not broken. Anyhow, have a good weekend.

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