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Coilovers or lowering springs?

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Ok, so, I bought my civic from a friend a few months ago, and it had, and still has, a cheap set of lowering springs on it. I've always heard good things about coilovers, but I've also heard good things about lowering springs. I just want to know the benefits and consequences of both. Any specific brands i should stay away from? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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If you do it correctly they are essentially the same thing. Coilover sets are usually adjustable where springs and shocks/struts are fixed. The springs are usually bought as separate parts from the shocks/struts so are more customizable on spring rates and so on.


If you want to be a cheap ass you can buy lowering springs on stock shocks/struts but you will just blow them out. The more you drop and the older the shocks the quicker you will blow them out.


Coilovers are a complete assembly you bolt into place. Quick and easy but usually more expensive.

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to add to what xeryon said..


unless you just have coilover sleeves, then thats just HORRIBLE


there are also damper kits, they are essientially the same as a coilover except the strut that is built in with the coils actually has a setting that you can use to stiffen or soften the ride quality of your vehicle.. its noticeable but not a whole lot.. i have damper kits on both my del sol and my civic wagon.. ill never buy anything else! but damper kits are more expensive, the damper kit on my del sol cost me $1600 and the kit on my wagon was $800..

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