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Why would a verify engine light be on?

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Car diagnostic tools


OBDII scanner




The examine engine light comes on and stays on when a problem is detected by the self diagnosis technique of one's car. Typically, the issue is within the emissions or one thing which is affecting the effectiveness of your emissions, but other causes can trigger the light to come on, also. To determine the result in, the car will must be taken to AutoZone or perhaps a shop which has an OBD2 scanner, or for 1995 and earlier models, an OBD1 scanner, Though a scanner will not provide you with the magic answer, it'll offer you a code that narrows down the issue location.




A flashing check engine light is an indication of a serious misfire or difficulty that's most likely to harm your engine. Instant diagnosis and service is needed.




Some specific causes for the light to be on are:




Gas cap left off, not tightened, not installed correctly, or needs to be replaced.




02 sensor.




Engine misfire - error could clear itself soon after 3 comprehensive warm-up cycles; not restarts, but warm-ups.




At commence up for a bulb check - Shouldn't stay on.




Situation in the emission system, including clogged exhaust or the catalytic converter not functioning appropriately:




Dirty/clogged air filter.




Dirty MAF sensor.




You can find pages and pages of things that will result in a verify engine light to come on. Getting it checked with a scan tool will narrow down the problem area.

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