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Engine is burning oil. Need help.


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I have a B18B1 civic. i bought it with a old turbo that was nearly shot. i figured if i put a brand new one on there it would stop burning the oil. i was wrong. i cant seem to figure out why its doing that. ive done everthing possible that i could think of. i need some suggestions. it smokes sometimes. mostly when i speed up about 70 and then coast down to about 55, as soon as i hit the gas, i get a big puff of smoke out of my exhaust. im stuck and need help.

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Blown rings maybe. If it's only happening when you let off and then get on it again it could be an injector or timing issue too. Fouled plugs. Bad tune. List goes on.


I have a turbo diesel that does a similar thing. Yours is possibly for the same reason. When I spool up the turbo and suddenly let off and then hit the accelerator again I push out excess unburnt fuel into the exhaust and the fuel combusts in the manifold and leaves a nice billowing black cloud. I assume your smoke is a nice white color?

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