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Old School (looking at a daily driver) Swap ?'s


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Im looking at getting(in a few weeks, end of Aug_2012) a Civic 92-2000, and maybe 2001+. Ive been looking thru Creigslist and seems I can find late 90's. 95-2000's Civics. My budget is 5K, but more like 4K or less........


Im wanting a clean Daily, Id take a 5speed if I can get it, but Id take an auto if its super clean.


Im not an hot-roder, but wouldnt mind some spunk, but not needed. Later down the road, Im wanting to get a longblock for what ever year Civic I get and rebuild it stock or better, or whats best for a daily.


Ive looked on hmotorsonline and can get longblocks:


LS_B18B(maybe a mild build, rods, higher comp pistons)




Im not current on OBD1-2 or stock civic's vtech/non-vtech, and unsure what swaps are availabie without rewiring or rewiring too much? Also keep in mind if I do get a civic with an auto, what my opations are?


Could ya run an LS/Auto/5speed in a late 90's(92-2000+) Civic?



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