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Prelude compared with Accord EX


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Hello, everyone.


Just joined, first post. I have a question regarding stock stereo parts.


I have owned (for the last almost 4 years) a 1995 Accord EX. I recently purchased a 2000 Prelude. I'm getting rid of the Accord.


My question is thus: Are the stock stereo speakers of the 00 Prelude basically the same as the stock stereo speakers of the 95 Accord EX?


The reason why I ask is because shortly after acquiring the Accord, I purchased and installed a stereo from Crutchfield (SONY Xplod) and I want to put it in the Prelude (the stereo in the Prelude sux), but don't want to go to all the effort if the speakers are not worth it. (Yes, I _could_ spend more money and upgrade the speakers, but I don't have that much $$)


Thank you,



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Look it up again on Crutchfield. They will have all your fitment info. Look and see if the same size speakers show up under a speaker search for each car.

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Thank you for your reply, Xeryon.


Size, yes. But that isn't what I was inquiring. Basically, if the speakers in my 2000 Prelude (which are currently hooked up to what I believe to be the factory-original "Honda Feedback Acoustic System", which I dislike) can't handle a Sony Xplod system, I'm going to have to replace them, which I'd rather not do unless I absolutely have to. Is there any specific online source of information that could tell me if the (I think) stock speakers are rated for something like a Sony Xplod?





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Stock speakers will be fine with the amount of power a head unit puts out. The power rating of a head unit that is listed is usually in peak, not RMS power. Unless you plan on cranking it up to max bass and volume it won't be an issue for a while. Ultimately, you will want to blast Bieber from your car one day and you will blow the cone on one and it will start to fuzz, but that could be years from now.

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