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Studder problem at throttle

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ive been getting a studder feeling when driving all gears mostly 5 to 20 min into start. i reviewed this topic and got some info but cant find problem. tested TPS sensor and it was off, adjusted it with multimeter and still throwing light and acting up, cleaned out throttle body, and manifold( very dirty) and still doing it. funny thing is when light goes on it stops? runs fine... so wtf is wrong? do i need to clean out injectors? something messed up in exhaust? o2 sensor? MAF??? please let me know!!



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I think we have the same problem

After about a mile or when the car warms up it starts to studder it was intermittent at 1st but aggessively getting worst.

Sometimes in 1st gear it feels like she's bogging too much gas not enough spark or a sputtering injector was what I thought.I did get 2 codes 1 leak in evap then miss on cylinder 4

I called a nearby tuner and in my case they say it is the ICM inthe distributor.

I am picking up a distributor tomoro evening vs just buying a new ICM

Distributor Used $50.00

ICM New $85- $160

Will let u Know how it works out.

I did replace the spark plugs and injectors and she did run better but that didnt fix the problem

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