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S2000 AP1 or Porsche 944 Turbo S

Ken Gracia

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Hi, I'm 25 and about to finish college. I'm looking for a sports car to get to work cause I'll be driving about an hour each way and I want to enjoy the drive. I've had an 86 Grand Prix, a 93 Camaro V6, a 92 Camaro V8, a 93 Stealth ES, and a 00 Celica GT-S. I plan to spend around 20K on my next car. I really like and have been planning on buying an AP1 S2000 for the last year. Recently I became interested in the 88-91 Porsche 944 Turbo S. Now I don't know what to do. I know this is a Honda forum and everyone will tell me to get the S2000 but any honest input would be greatly appreciated. I also realize the parts and labor on the Porsche will be much more expensive but that isn't a factor in which one I'll buy. I want to know which car I will enjoy more. The Porsche is slightly faster with a top speed of 162 and a quarter mile time of 13.9. I'm not sure which will handle better though. I test drove a stock 00 S2000 with the top down and it was really fun to drive. I hit 9000RPM in first, second and third leaving the dealership with a salesman in the passenger seat and he didn't say a word. Then we went on the high way and I dropped it to third and hit 9000 again. It handled the corners amazingly. It also fit me like a glove cause I'm only 5'2". Also the transmission felt incredible. I have yet to find a local 944 to test drive. I'm currently using Forza 4 with a steering wheel to compare the two cars and I like them equally. Which one should I get and why?

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