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New user, first car = honda :)

Daniel King

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Ight, so my name is Daniel I'm 17 years old and I reside in the Las Vegas area. I grew up here but I didn't hang out any hoodlums or gangsters. So don't think I'm like every other teenager cause I'm really not. My biggest role model was my dad and he was a very hard working man. I just got my license, and I was driving my parent's 2000 Toyota Corolla but the car didn't really fit my taste (because I really wanted to learn manual) and my bro-in-law was selling his 1995 Honda Accord LX for about 2k. I hopped on that deal and paid for about a quarter of the price while my father paid the rest. I've had this car for about 2 months now, and I love it. Let me give you a little background on the car itself, it was kept in tip top shape as the first owner of the car bought it and had it up until about 2009, when he sold it to my brotha in law. Maintenence records were kept and my bro-in-law had them so he passed them over to me. Now, the sad part is, my bro-in-law is a lazy frack and didn't do any maintence on the car for the whole almost 2 years he had it. Maybe one oil change in the car the whole time, and this guy drove it from Massechusets to Nevada! So when I first got the car, I popped the hood and inspected what I had to work with. The whole engine was covered in rust, and I mean COVERED. So I took some de-grease and sprayed the whole engine. I changed the oil, oil filter, and spark plugs, and it was finally starting to sound decent. Now I say decent because there is also a foot long crack in the muffler. I really don't know how that happens.. After that I wanted to fix the A/C, it wasn't working at all. So i used some Freon and then the A/C started up, very excellently aswell. It's been 2 weeks since the A/C fix, and I'm a little surprised it's still working. After that I bought my cousin's $400 sound system, including two 12's and a 1200watt amp, and got all that bs set up. I hate subs though honestly because they always rattle around and wires eventually become loose, so I'm inspecting every wire every other day. That's about it for my introduction/story of my car. Feel free to comment.

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