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Shift Automatic Transmission to Park While Moving Forward


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What happens when you are moving at highway speed and the transmission get put into Park. Yes, this happened. I intended to put it into neutral and coast down an incline, but somehow the shift lever went a bit too far. I think the transmission did lock up, or maybe I panicked a little and jammed on the brakes, not sure. I did realize what I did and put the transmission back into drive and got off at my exit just 1/2 mile away. Surprisingly, the transmission was still attached to the car and it seems ok. Park and reverse are ok, and it shifts through the forward gears without any noticable noise. By the way, this is on a 2012 Civic EX. So my question is did I do any long term damage when everything seems to work properly now. An even bigger question is why didn't I completely destroy my transmission? Thanks for the expert advice here, and feel free to call me an idiot if you would like.

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Most older cars has a lock out, sometimes it's a physical gate that prevents a car from going into park unless the wheels are stopped. On newer cars with electronic shifters instead of mechanical ones the lever might have went into P but either the transmission was programmed not to respond or it disengaged and spun as though in neutral.

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