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2006 Honda, P0302 Code - Catalyst, Evap, O2S and EGR monitors "not


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hey I just recently replaced the thermostat, coolant temp sensor #2, and ignition coil #2, because those were what the mechanic said needed to be done to pass inspection and I wasn't going to pay the $500 they wanted. I changed them, drove it for about a week with no problems and no CEL, and then the day I was supposed to bring it back to get the emissions re-tested, I was stopped at a light and the engine started sputtering and shaking slightly and the CEL started flashing. I went to hit the gas and got no throttle, after a few seconds it would kick in and start to go, but every time I stopped or slowed down I had the same problem getting moving again and eventually got no throttle and limped back to my driveway at about 5mph. Just scanned the codes and got 1 fault code of P0302 (#2 misfire) and on the MIL scan it showed up Catalyst, Evap, O2S and EGR monitors "not ready". Any idea where to go from here, or what the issue may be? Thanks.

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