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Rims for my 4th Gen Accord



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  1. 1. Rims for my 4th Gen Accord

    • BSA 802'S
    • Kosei Racing Seneka's
    • Enkei RS Evolutions

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I'm looking for rims for my Accord. So far, these are the only three that I would even consider putting on my car.

Please let me know which you like best.






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hey drew i got some wheels for you. try either spoon sw388s(or knockoffs if u cant afford the real deals) or the bronze mugen ones(cant member name but if u cant afford these either get the knockoffs). if u need to know where to get them u can get them from www.jdmhondaparts.com or the knock offs at www.rotawheels.com/www.rota.com

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Thanks, but I already went with the Enkei RSE. 17's. I just need to get tires now to put them on. But suspension will be my next mod. I just bought the Rims cuz they were on sale at the time and I couldn't resist buying them.

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hey drew im gona reccomend some tires fo you my man. get some 17" BFGoodrich Comp T/A. they may be a tad bit on da expensive side but they have the best traction response u could ever wish for. als they are too bad in the weather too

Well, we only get a couple inches of rain here every year and it only rains a few times per year so I don't really need a rain type tire. Does best traction mean they will wear out in 6 months? I want good traction, but I also want them to last me a while...


did you even fix your clutch? what was wrong with it?

Yes and I will answer it in the other topic regarding it here...


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