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94 honda accord


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I need Help!

I am having problems with my 94'Honda Accord EX. The radiator started leaking, so I put water in it to try to make it home. after about 1/2 mile away the engine shut down, so I put more water in it, but when I restarted the engine it cranks ok and runs ok, but it seems to loss power when I put it in gear and give it gas. it seems to have full power when I put it back in park and rise the engine.

Whats going on.


PS.The radiator has been fixed, but problem is still here. :(

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It would help if you can give us additional information on the following:


1) Is it because you ran low on gas or is it because of overheating that is why your engine stopped?

2) Check the engine oil dipstick. Do you see teltale signs of water mixture or air bubbles in it?

3) Check the transmission oil dipstick. How is the consistency of the transmission fluid?


The last 2 questions pertain to possible problems symptomatic of engine and/or transmission damage because of overheating.


The first question pertains to a possible problem with your fuel filter having sucked in residual particles from the fuel tank when you ran on fumes. Replace the fuel filter then...


Let's just hope this is due to the fuel filter as suggested by KonigRR.

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