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$1000 for parts, $3000 for labor.

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So my parents bought a leased car from Honda, that my brother was too irresponsible with. I thought that just the back bumper , front bumper and splash shield would need to be replaced, but there is apparently more stuff. The parts cost about $1000.00, but the labor Honda says will be about $3000. Should I take the car to a local auto body shop to see if I get a better rate. It seems 30hrs worth of labor is way way too much. Here is a screenshot of what the car needs.


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Thier dinging the shit out of you for the rear qtr panel - it's a unibody car so it's all cut, weld, fill, sand, sand, sand, sand, prime, sand some more and paint. I'm probably forgetting some sanding in there.


I agree with the other guys. Maybe you tell your bro to stop fapping while driving and take the bus.


And as a general rule of thumb, dealership autobody shops are not good body repair shops. Definately get a second quote before spening 4k on anything.

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