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I am new to this forum here,

here's the deal.

i own a 1994 Honda Del sol Si with the stock 1.6l vtec with auto tranny

i know its pretty lame right now.

i am trying to get the car riced out right

i wanna do a motor and full tranny swap and conversion.

my funds have no limit so shoot me a list of things i will need to do this set up nasty.

my thoughts were a b20 or b18c with a gsr tranny? wrong?

i wanna strip it to where there is not power steering, no ac, nothing but motor wires and tranny

i will be the last owner for this car so my options are unlimited


thanks chris





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i would keep the b16a3 just try to get a manual tranny, maybe an si-r if you can get it, then if the compression and internals are ok, i would get a jackson supercharger, or a smaller turbo, you honestly dont need to tune too much as long as the psi stays around 4 to 8 , and you'll get close to 200 at the fly, after that you could upgrade the fuel rail, and obviously intake and exhaust, and you can get a hondata 300, it will help even out the whole set up, after all that you should have about 225hp, and the cost if you install your self will only be about 3800-4500 depending on what parts you want, oh also id get some cam gears, but dont lighten the fly wheel, that set up really dont need it.

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