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necessities for all motor?!

is a panda

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1. All motor requirements = no F/I, no nitrous


2. A 230+whp street engine will run over $10,000.


3. You won't run 10 seconds. With that car, you'll be lucky to break into the 12's with a 200-210whp engine.

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F/I = forced induction (turbo or supercharger)

N/A = Naturally Aspirated (no F/I or nitrous)


No, N/A is a lot more reliable than F/I. Even if you were running some serious cams such as the Rocket M25E's, it will still be reliable and streetable as long as it is tuned correctly.


You have a NOTEC Integra. Take it to your closest REPUTABLE shop and ask them to build an LS/VTEC engine for you. Tell them what the car will be used for (daily driving, track, strip, etc) and what your realistic goals are. They should be able to come up with a quick "sketch" of a setup and a price quote (x amount for the parts(which would be what the parts cost)and x amount for the build and tune(if they tune it)).


Asking questions like these means you aren't ready to build an engine.

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