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turbo kit

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Drag kits suck. Lots of horror stories about the Drag kits and their wastegates. If you buy one, replace the wastegate with a Tial.


I would go with a HyTech is you're a wimp and need an A/C


or Full-Race if you are normal and can handle non-A/C and big gains.


Any kit that keeps the A/C (other than HyTech) isn't worth it. Reason: cast manifolds. The log style manifolds they use aren't very efficient at all. The turbo flange is located on one of the exhaust runners, verus a collector on an equal length.

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true true i agree. by why go with a b18c1 when you can get a b16a1 or b16a2 and bore it out and do the headwork then add a turbo and it be hella lot quicker than the gsr motor + turbo

HEY! I have a built GSR motor that's soon to be boosted to ya know!! I guarantee it'll walk any boosted B16!!! Or are you tlaking stock on stock???

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