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This message is cracking me up


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From a PM I just read

"I've been a member here much longer than you, and have been posting in Accord much longer than you've been here. And if I go by your rules, I can post in Accord because I have one. "


Would you like a cookie with a glass of milk? Wow you think your special cause you have been here for a year whoring up this forum.


You have a civic hatch and an Accord at 16, I smell BS. Technically you have never even owned a car because mooching off your parents doesn't count for anything.

You think having big rims is rice. What do you think rice is kid? Let me remind you that your 127hp hatch is stock. Read my mods again and tell me what's rice so I can have a good laugh at you. (That s2000 in your avatar = rice because of that disgusting looking hood) Carbon Fiber on a yellow S2000 =  . I don't need a car to feel better about myself, because I have everything I need in life.


Ok, here we go...

1. Yes, Chips Ahoy regulars, and a glass of vitamin D with 2 tablespoons of NesQuik.


2. I have a Civic hatch, Accord, and Civic sedan. I've also owned manyother hondas and a VW Corrado G60.


3. The only car my parents have bought me is the Civic hatcback.


4. Yes, big wheels are rice. They look too big, weigh too much, and kill your performance. My Civic has 97bhp stock. EX's have 127bhp.


5. That S2000 is not rice. It's a Top Secret customers car. That nasty hood weighs 7 pounds, reduces under hood temps, and is purely function/fashion.


6. Yes, your car is rice...

Mods: VIS invader hoood, Mugen Style lip, M3 style side skirts, Grillecraft grille, Blackhousing projectors, 18' Velox VX-Ks, 225-45-18 Wanli tires, SPC camber kit, Ground Control coilovers, Tokico shocks, DC intake, Focuz header, Arospeed exhaust.

a. VIS Invader hood, the name of the hood should give that one away.

b. Mugen STYLE lip. JDM wannabe = rice

c. M3 style side skirts. First three words explain it.

d. Grillecraft grille. You really need that to keep the bugs out.

e. Projectors = no function.

f. 18" VELOX wheels = heavy stunna looking wheels

g. DC intakes = shiit gains

h. Focuz = no name

i. Arospeed = w00t


Engine stats: F22B1 130hp/139tq 2.2L SOHC NOTEC


Looks like you'll be kicking ass down the strip and on the track huh


Too bad this person is not a member on HF. I don't even know him, he just sent me a random email.

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